Friday, 13 February 2009

Home again, home again

Day 8 Friday February 13th

Although taking place on an inauspicious day-date combination, the return trip home went smoothly even though the airport tried to convince us that our luggage (which was within weight on the way out) was now over weight and an additional fee would have to be paid. Perhaps the fact that the airport scales registered between 3 and 12 kgs when empty might have had something to do with it?

The flight back was cramped and boring. It also took 30 minutes to get off the plane and into the coach to take us to the terminal and another 40 minutes to get through Immigration.

Our diving techniques have definitely improved during the week and we have benefited from a few challenging dives. The underwater camera bought for me as a leaving present from HRC has proved a definite plus and is evidenced in this blog.

We have learnt an enormous amount about Coral and better understand some of the factors which affect seabed pollution, local economies and politics.

My personal air consumption (a useful measure of diving ability) started off at a good level (reading number 33 on the chart) and remained there for the whole week (with a couple of air hog blips for the Thistlegorm and the Barge).


By the time of our next live aboard which is scheduled for the end of May, I want to get a wrist compass (to avoid getting lost underwater again) and also a strobe light for use on the surface during night dives.

Our next dive is a one day dive with sharks in Scotland – provided they are not hungry, it will appear in this blog in mid March.

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