Thursday, 4 June 2009

Flying back and Reflections on a week at St Johns

As we suspected on the way out, the flight back was delayed by just over two hours (and so I got home at 4 am). Their excuse was that our scheduled plane had been moved to another flight and they then had to wait until another plane became free to collect us (the third week this excuse had been used apparently). The only upside was that the plane which collected us was much larger and more luxurious than the scheduled plane so the trip back was comfortable.

This was a really good week of relatively easy but fascinating diving. My air


consumption has further improved (dives 53 to 71 above) and we are now both on over 70 dives (which makes us sufficiently experienced to dive most sites in the world). The dive guides were superb and really made the whole week for us both.


Where next I wonder?

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