Friday, 14 May 2010

Trains for Sam

 Low Platforms

Sam – train stations in Italy are a bit different to those in England. The platforms are much lower which means you have to climb up into the train.

Here is a picture of Nana Pat sitting on the platform waiting for the train

Nana Pat on the Station

She has got our lunch in the plastic bag (sandwiches and fruit).

If you look at this carriage (which is from a German train which happened

German Railway Carriage

to be in Bologna station) you can see the steps you have to climb to get into the carriage.

Can you see the letters DB on the side of the train? This means the carriage comes from Germany? Ask Dada what DB means – he might know.

On each platform is a large yellow train timetable – this tells you which platform a train will use.


This is an Italian engine pulling an express train coming into Bologna Station.


It is an electric train just like the ones in York.

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