Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Flying to Marsa Alam and the Sea Serpent – Day Zero

The flight out was on time for once in a packed 757. This time, transfer from the airport to the boat did not involve the usual long drive south and the coach bravely tackled the hump backed bridges at Port Ghalib and we

The Bridges

soon arrived at the Sea Serpent  (the problem with the bridges is that they are too hump backed for many vehicles to go across) 

The Sea Serpent is a 34m motor yacht for up to 20 divers (15 on this trip)


with all of the usual facilities required by divers (possibly in order of priority) a good dive deck, a skilled crew, two dive guides, showers, food, air con, beds and beer. The latter however is always restricted to the end of the day when you have finished diving and in my experience, it is one beer and then off to bed.

Sea Serpent belongs to the Sea Serpent fleet and they (together with the Emperor fleet) are generally thought by frequent liveaboarders to be the best in the Red Sea.

After arrival it was briefing, form filling, gear set up, meet room mate (Darren) dinner and bed for me whilst some other divers were regaling each other with the usual my fish was bigger than your fish stories.

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