Sunday, 20 February 2011

Cars and Animals for Sam

Sam – we have seen a number of interesting cars and trucks whilst we have been travelling in New Zealand and here are some pictures of them.

Car for Sam

This is an old car, we think it is a Singer Sunbeam. We saw it in an old mining town we went to.

Cement Mixer Dunedin

We saw this large cement mixer in Dunedin near a building site.


We saw this big dumper truck in a gold mine.

Chevrolet Van 

This is an American Chevrolet pick-up truck which Nana Pat saw in Invercargill.

When we were in Wanaka there was a rally for old cars and we saw all of the following in that town. Some of them are about 90 years old (older than Nana Pat and Papa Paul !)

Ford 1 Ford 2 Ford 3 Ford 4 Ford 5 Ford 6 Ford 7

As well as cars, we have seen some interesting animals

Male Deer

This is a Male Deer – ask Dada how we know it is a male deer

Peacock Head

This peacock wanted us to take a picture of its head and not its tail because it was moulting (loosing its tail feathers)


This Pig stopped eating briefly to let us take its picture


This turkey is wondering why we want to take its picture


This Cockerel was in charge of all of the chickens when we saw it.



What animal do you think this is? It has just had its fleece cut and was probably feeling a bit cold.

Antipodes Paraket 

This bird is a Parakeet, we think he is asleep.


These two birds are Keas


This is a Kereru – a type of New Zealand Pigeon.

We have also seen lots of penguins like this, they are very rare and are called Yellow Eyed Penguins.

Walking from the sea 

We have also seen lots and lots of fur seals and sea lions.


These two are sleeping on the beach in the sun.

We hope you like these pictures – see you soon

Love Nana Pat and Papa Paul

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