Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Six days around Tasmania

We have only a few days before we have to fly back to the UK so the amount of Tasmania we can see is quite limited. The rough plan is:

Wednesday Drive around the D’Entrecasteux peninsular in a hire car to see some rural Tasmania close to Hobart
Thursday Swap the car for a van, drive to Strahan and see whatever we can of the West Coast
Friday Drive north west to Stanley
Saturday Drive half-way across the top to Kelso
Sunday Drive around the north east corner and down to Coles Bay and Freycinet
Monday Walk in Freycinet National Park, then head back to Hobart

Around the D’Entrecasteaux Peninsular


As a taster for rural Tasmania, we are driving down and around what we assume is called D’Entrecasteaux


Peninsular, so named because the general area was surveyed in 1792 by Bruni d'Entrecasteaux

D'Entrecasteaux Channel

Nine Pin Point overlooks the channel

Nine Pin Point 2

and on the other side is Bruny Island which has a reputation as a great place for wild life. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to go there.

Eggs and Bacon Bay

We have no idea why this view is one of “Eggs and Bacon Bay”. One theory is that this might be where Lady Jane Franklin (an 18th century governor's wife) once either ordered or was served eggs and bacon. Believe it if you want to.

The nearby town of Cygnet (so called because D’Entrecasteaux saw swans swimming in the bay there) has its quota of 19th century buildings.

Shop in Cygnet  

Here a general store which looks the same now as it did then (other than a colour change and plate glass)

House in Cygnet   

and here an astonishingly beautiful house in remarkably well preserved condition – the town has an “official colour scheme” and both of these buildings have been painted in some of the “official colours”

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