Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Back on the road

The pause is over and we are able to start travelling again. With the help of the daVinci Robot at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, the NHS and some great nursing in hospital and at home, I am now prostate less (and with crossed fingers for the future) also cancer free and we can now get back to our normal life of travel. Our travel insurers seem totally uninterested in the fact that I had cancer and have not loaded our policy at all, so we take that as another good sign.

Thank-you NHS and thank-you Pat for nursing me back to health so patiently.

Our first trip will be more of a holiday than a trip in that we are going to the village of Katomeri on the Greek island of Meganissi in June 2012 to stay at a small family hotel we have been to before. The island provides a quiet holiday without pressure and boasts “no ATMs” as an indication of its isolation. Although it is not that far from the mainland, the fact that the only way to get there is by a small ferry keeps most tourists away. Whilst we shall blog it as normal, the focus is likely to be food, swimming pools and living in a community coping with surviving the Greek Debt crisis.

Future trips will be more exciting and hopefully this year will include a short trip to the Opera in Milan, Diving in the Red Sea and later Diving in Sudan, two weeks up the Norwegian Coast looking for the Aurora Borealis, and next year, perhaps a long awaited trip to India (either with or without Rotary), St Petersburg to see the Hermitage, some Archaeology in Turkey and a long RV trip around the US (plus maybe a few short trips to places like The Channel Isles, Morocco, Prague……….)

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