Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dive 13 – Panorama Reef


Panorama Reef is a large reef close to Safaga and although we started the dive as the only boat moored to the reef, by the time we finished there were five day boats moored up.

We were moored to the left hand red dot and went by rib halfway around the backside in the direction of the automatic light beacon.

There was a reasonably fast current which took us back to our boat.

Amongst the fish and coral we saw were:


Big Eyed Wrasse

Blue Spotted RayP Blue Spotted 1Blue Spotted Ray-001 Blue Spotted Ray-002

A Blue Spotted Ray on the move

Clam Clam-001

Colourful Clams were everywhere

Coral Coral-001Coral-002

most of the hard coral was very good

Coral and Fish Coral and Fish-001

a lot of small fish were living in the coral heads

Double Headed Banner Fish

Two Banner Fish back-to-back




A Goby at rest

Cleaner Wrasse

P Cleaner Wrasse

Cleaner Wrasse-001

Cleaner Wrasse at work

P Nemo

A Nemo being fierce

Nemos with Young

Nemos with young.

The quality of the fish and the dive was excellent – we were lucky that we got there early and were in the water before most of the day boats arrived.

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