Saturday, 13 July 2013

Walla Walla is small town America and then the long road to Montana

Walla Walla is a most delightful town, its houses are nice,

WW House-1 WW House

its suburbs are quiet, spacious and well kept,

WW Main Street-2  WW Main Street

and Main Street looks like a Main Street should,

WW Main Street-1

there are lots of local shops and few national chain shops, it has a nice University Campus, there is a strong cultural life and so the list goes on and on.

WW Church 

If we were ever to be planning on living in the USA, then we could choose no better than Walla Walla.

But after three days here, we have to say goodbye and head north 600 miles to Glacier National Park. Over these miles we pass through a variety of landscapes, first driving along long straight roads

Country Road

through large field wheat farms where the crop is either ready for harvest

Large Countryside

or has been harvested already and the fields have been ploughed ready for the next crop.

Country mailboxes

There are images of country life

Derilict House

and past times which were more profitable


and the occasional dust devil blowing across the road in front of us.

Long Interstate 

And then we get into Idaho where the Interstate is wide and fast and boring to drive (but we cover the miles very fast)


and then into Montana which seems to be all rivers


lakes and mountains


and more rivers until we get to Glacier National Park.

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