Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Walking from Sandsend to Whitby

When the tide is out, it is very easy and very nice to walk along the beach into Whitby which is not more than 3 miles away.

Whitby in the distance

The sand is firm and easy to walk on in either direction

The beach behind

and other than a few fellow walkers with their dogs (allowed out of the region close to Sandsend), we met no one. As we got closer to Whitby thinking about hot chocolate and a tea cake, we passed a row of Beach Huts having their Spring facelift.

Beach huts near Whitby

These can be rented from the Council (here) at weekly rents which exceed £100 per week in high season. Apparently they are very popular.

Drawing close to Whitby

As you get close to Whitby, you approach the harbour walls

Looking back tide in

from which there is a good look back to where we had come from - the tide has now come in because this was taken after Hot Chocolate and Tea Cakes (so large, we could not eat any lunch).

Whitby Harbour

The harbour is much larger than this picture because it goes a long way back 

Whitby Harbour Swing Bridge

with many boats behind a working swing bridge.

The Quayside is traditional with

Whitby Harbour 1

traditional entertainment such as this

Whitby Harbour 2

and pleasure boats taking visitors out to sea on a short voyage

Whitby Harbour 3

at very cheap prices (at least cheap at Easter).

We chose to go out on this boat for 20 minutes, although perhaps the attraction for Pat was the Pirate on the deck at the stern.

Pat and the Pirate

We sailed out of the harbour, passing

Whitby from sea

old houses and through the harbour mouth.

Crocodile Rock

They like to convince you that the rocks on one side of the harbour are in fact a fossilised crocodile. With some imagination you can believe this - note the front foot roughly in the middle of the picture and the snout on the left hand side…... 

Whitby from the sea

Looking back at the turning point of the 20 minute “voyage”, the traditional view of Whitby with the ruins on the headland is easy to see. 

Fishing Boats

If you look carefully, you can see signs of “Old Whitby” as in

Shop Side Advert

this advert on the side of a shop

Shop SIde Advert 2 

and these tiles on the side of a building advertising "Geo Thompson Dealer in Reliable Pianos and Organs Tuning and Repairing a Speciality"

As we waited at the Stop for the bus back to Sandsend, a lot of veteran cars sped through town

Car Rally

and here are two of the many we saw.

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