Friday, 25 December 2015

Day 5 Christmas Day At Sea

Christmas Day in the Grenadines

Father Christmas over Minerva

Today is spent at Sea sailing from St Lucia to Port of Spain in Trinidad. Because we have over 24 hours available for this and the distance is only 174 nautical miles and the open water is said to be rough, the Captain has decided that we will anchor in a bay en-route and only traverse the rough bits when we are supposedly in bed.

Roughness seems to be an interesting term -  the past three nights at sea were said to have been rough but we have not noticed it all at, we quite enjoy the rocking motion.

Delivery from Santa

Due to the time difference, for us Christmas arrives some 4 hours after it would have done had we stayed in England. Never-the-less, Father Christmas managed to find our cabin and left a stocking by the door

Santa Girl

for one traveller (wasn’t she a lucky girl!) despite there being no chimney (I suspect Father Christmas used the Funnel).

Santa Pair

Upon examining Santa’s sack, it turned out that he had included a couple of presents for the other traveller who insisted on wearing his Christmas Hat for this picture.

Christmas Day at Sea is a full day

Flambe Demo

with a demonstration of Flambé Cooking techniques after breakfast - a technique which seemed to require 1.5 litres of alcohol


before being set to flame

Flambe Taste

and tasted - the face does not truly describe the taste. We felt that the flambé Pineapple was quite good, the melon less so and generally there was too much alcohol involved in cooking it. 

Day Stop

We anchored in Georgetown Bay off Canouan Island


in The Grenadines

Blue Sky Blue Sea

a place where the rich seem to come for the Blue Sky and 

The way to travel

the Blue Sea whilst sailing in their private yacht or staying at the rather exclusive (and expensive) hotel you can just see in the top right hand corner of this photograph.

The Telegraph Newspaper describes the island as "a true tropical island hideaway in the Grenadines, where they say the billionaires go to get away from the millionaires” and aspects of the wikipedia entry on it make interesting reading.


We went to a morning service to celebrate Christmas Day, then spent the rest of the day walking a mile around the deck, having a light lunch, watching “Love Actually” for the nth time, going to The Captain’s Christmas Reception and following that with

Christmas Dinner Table

a full vegetarian version of Christmas Dinner including Christmas Crackers, Brussel Sprouts and Christmas Pudding whilst in the middle of the Caribbean.

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