Monday, 23 January 2017

Rotary and Polio in India 2017

Just to be different, in September 2016, the Indian Government announced that the 2017 February National Immunisation Day would take place at the end of January 2017. Originally we were going to be leading the group going to Patiala in the Punjab but for various reasons we led the group going to Bhiwadi in Rhajestan (a town some 65 kms south west of Delhi). Other groups (a total of around 70 UK Rotarians) originally were going to Karnal, Amritsar and Delhi. However, it did not quite work out that way as this blog will explain.

So, this and the next few blog entries record our participation as Rotarians in the January 2017 National Immunisation Day. They are written with fellow Rotarians in mind, particularly those who might be thinking about taking part in one of the few NIDs in the future.

There is also a link to the blogs we wrote in 2013 when we went to Baduan in Uttar Pradesh (UP), that which we wrote in 2014 when we went to Delhi, in 2015 when we went to Moradabad in UP, and 2016 when we went to Ludhiana in the Punjab to take part in the February NIDs.

For those unused to blogs, look to the right of this page in the February sections for each year and you will find a number of entries – if they are not showing individually, then click on the arrow mark to the left of the word February and they should then show at the bottom of that month's list of blog entries.

Alternatively, you can get to the other entries by clicking on the appropriate “here” in the list below.

  • Polio Worldwide January 2017 click here
  • The Rotary Briefing and getting to Bhiwadi click here
  • Pre-Nid Activities in Bhiwadi click here
  • National Immunisation Day in Bhiwadi click here
  • Follow-up Day click here
  • 2013 NID in Baduan click here
  • 2014 NID in Delhi click here
  • 2015 NID in Moradabad click here
  • 2016 NID in Ludhiana click here

This is the fifth time we have participated in a National Immunisation Day, hence we feel reasonably experienced in most aspects of immunisation. It is also the third time that we will have led a group, something which we have learnt is a hard working pleasure.

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