Monday, 6 October 2008

Pat is 60 Day 3

Sunday starts with the Jane Austen walk (£5) around Bath. A lively and knowledgeable guide who easily slipped in or out of the books set in Bath, what life might have been like at the time and the life that Jane Austen might have lived whilst in Bath.

Baths entrance at Bath

Starting at the baths, amongst the things we saw along the tour were:

Punp Room Bath

the Pump Room - said to be where people came to inspect the register to see if they knew anyone else who had signed it to say that they were in Bath

Baths with Pig

the baths themselves, (note one of King Bladud's pigs in the bath) This one is "Bath Pig"

Click here for information on the Pigs

Baths dedicated to Sul

another of the baths, this time one which had been dedicated to the Celtic Goddess Sul (hence Aquae Sulis as the Roman name), apparently she is also linked to the Roman School for Midwifery in Bath

Parade Gardens Bath

Parade Gardens next to the river which are now built on the site of an old regency building

Pulteney Bridge back Bath

the back of the Pulteney Bridge (said to be one of two ancient bridges with shops on them left in Europe)

Pignacious Pig Bath

another Pig (Roman this time) officially known as "Pignacious"

Jane Austen's Aunt's House

the house belonging to Jane Austen's Aunt which she stayed in part of her time in Bath

Assembly Rooms Bath

the assembly rooms where we were going to dance the following weekend

Prada Pig Bath

nearby lived Bondage Pig (actually entitled "Pig in Prada")

Jane Austen's House Gay Street

and finally we saw another of the houses that Jane Austen lived in, this time on Gay Street.

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