Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Pat is 60 Day 4

The following Saturday saw us returning to Bath for the Grand Ball which was to be held in the Assembly Rooms.

Assembly Rooms Bath

After checking back into the Kennard Hotel, we went to the Assembly Rooms for a rehearsal and cream tea.

Rehearsal in the Assembly Rooms

About 100 people turned up for the Rehearsal, some in traditional dress but most saving their finery for the evening. It was reassuring that most people had as little an idea about how to dance as we had.

The Admiral and his Vice at the Ball

The admiral was there of course with his vice, somewhat tired and footsore by the end of the evening.

Our costumes came from Farthingale's of Bath and we are very grateful to Sue, Chris and Robin for making it possible for us to attend.

The Ball at the Assembly Rooms Bath

The Ball at The Assembly Rooms Bath (2)

During the four hour evening ball, we must have managed about 12 dances with varying degrees of success although as the evening went on, it seemed to get easier.

And so ended Pat's 60th Birthday present surprise (or so she thinks !)

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