Friday, 24 April 2009

I am given a £10 tip

Yesterday I had to change a tyre belonging to a lady who had hit a pavement when parking – result a large hole in the tyre. Today she came to have the spare put back in the boot and the new tyre fitted on the front – that became my first job. Within a few minutes, the new wheel was in place and she was shown that the spare was now back in the boot with all of the tools and her boot was tidied again.

I paid careful attention to her driving out of the garage - more because I was checking that the wheel did not fall off than any other reason!

When I got back inside the garage, Nigel gave me a £10 note and said that the customer had asked for it to be given to the man who fitted the tyre. Despite my protestations, I was told to keep the tip because it was me who had done the work – there is obviously money to be made from being a mechanic.

Then it was changing the brake pads and rear tyres on a Mazda 626 plus diagnosing a slack alternator belt. More tyre changing meant that I started to remember how to do it.

I have always viewed MOT tests as a bit expensive and somewhat over the top – this

MOT 1 

view was rectified after lunch when I went down to the MOT station to see an MOT test


take place. Thorough would be the word I would use and if done properly, one can be certain that ones car meets certain minimum standards immediately the test is over (but obviously not necessarily throughout the coming 12 months).

The day (and my time with the Garage) ended with returning a couple of cars to customers, I was the return chauffeur for the delivery driver.

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