Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Starting to work more on my own

The barn from which the garage operates is one of those old barns which you see in one of those numerous property programmes being converted into a wonderful house.

The structure is totally made out of wood

Roof 1 Roof 2

Roof 3

with all  mortice and tenon joints being neatly pined together with dowels. One can imagine the corrugated iron roof being taken off and it being beautifully converted into a wonderful house. Anyway, currently it houses a thriving garage.

Day 3

They had saved a Toyota Landcruiser for me and as soon as I arrived, I was given the task of changing the two alternator belts and the fan belt. Three hours later all was done and

Toyota Alternator Belts

completed with some help with difficult to get to nuts and also being shown a trick to force a tight belt onto a pulley. The road test showed it work ok – one satisfied customer.

The first part of the afternoon was spent under a lorry assisting in the replacement of its clutch plate. My simple role was to take off


a few nuts, then get under the lorry to manoeuvre the trolley used to hold the gearbox - the gearbox is moved away from

Lorry Clutch

the engine in order to expose the clutch. Once removed, a new clutch plate was ordered and the refit is scheduled for tomorrow.

I was then given a first lesson on how to remove tyres from their wheel rims, fit a new tyre and then balance the wheels.

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