Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Diving at St Johns – Day Zero

Ben and I are off to the Red Sea again for another week on a liveaboard – this time the Miss Nouran which sails from Marsa Alam amd heads south down to a dive area known as St Johns which is close to the border of Sudan and Egypt.

I have never recovered from the time last year when we went to Gatwick on a Saturday morning to catch an afternoon flight and the M25 was virtually blocked and we only just made the flight. So we are staying at the Gatwick Travelodge tonight after having dropped off our dive bags at the airport and then we are set for an easy departure tomorrow in that we will already be checked in and can go straight through to security etc.

As usual, our dive bags weigh over 20 kgms but luckily, divers get extra weight and we need few clothes during the week. The itinerary promises about 20 dives - mainly reefs which means fish aplenty including Hammerhead Sharks (hopefully), Rays, White Tips and no doubt Lion Fish.

Early bag drop off and check in was very easy, so it was dinner at a local pub and then another beer at the airport hotel before bed.

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