Sunday, 10 May 2009

Three days in Granada – Day Zero

Pat has always wanted to visit Granada in Spain so when Ryanair announced one of its frequent sales, I went on-line and secured quite a good deal for the air tickets £6.92 each going out, £0 each coming back, which when added together comes to a total cost £51 each ! (including taxes, airport charges, wheelchair levy, terrorism insurance premiums, contributions to cost of sandwiches for the crew etc etc). Considering the distance to be covered, the ticket costs are better than very reasonable and we avoided a number of the other “optional” charges by checking in on-line, taking hand luggage, not going for priority seating, and paying using an Electron card. It does annoy me however that even after all of the changes made to ticket advertising rules by the Advertising Standards Authority, the price advertised has no relationship to the price paid. (tea on the plane at £3 per cup costs some 40% of the ticket cost!)

So, as I write this, we are somewhere over France on our way to southern Spain. Arrival will be about 2200 Spanish time, then a short coach ride to Granada and (hopefully) an easy walk to our hotel which is (according to the hotel website) very close to the centre of town and the Alhambra Palace which we are going to see on Tuesday morning having booked tickets on-line a few months ago.


Getting from Granada airport to the city was simplicity itself. Immediately outside of the terminal was a coach awaiting passengers going to Granada city. 3€ later we were in the city having passed through some fairly horrible outskirts. The bus dropped us off in the centre of town close to our hotel “Hotel Puerta De Las Granadas”  and within a few minutes we were checked in. TripAdvisor gave good reviews for the hotel and they were certainly accurate. The receptionist on duty told us all we needed to know about the hotel and the city and made us feel most welcome.

Later we went for a stroll around the immediate area, ate a pizza and an

Pat eating pizza

ice cream and then went to bed.

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