Sunday, 17 June 2012

The journey home was easy

All holidays come to an end and after a week on this Greek island paradise, we had to come home. The return trip was the reverse of the outward and took almost exactly the same time.

A speedboat took us to the mainland, then a coach to the airport where there were very long queues and it was very hot because the air conditioning in the terminal was turned off to save money (austerity rears its head yet again). The same plane as on the outward journey flew the reverse route and we

Flight back from preveza

landed at Gatwick to a temperature of 17C compared to the 37C we had left three hours earlier.

And so, 10 hours after we left the Hotel Meganisi, we opened our front door to a cold house in a wet country and to a garden which had grown frantically whilst we were away.

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