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Budapest St Stephen's Basilica; Statues and Fountains

St Stephen’s  Basilica

St Stephens Basilica

During out FreeWalk Tour we walked past St Stephen’s Basilica. The Budapest authorities had decided to hold their attempt to break the "Tallest Lego Tower in the World” record whilst we were there and hence a lot of the square in front was taken up with boxes of Lego and tents as well as many people wondering what was going on.

St Stephens 001

The inside of the Basilica is a monument to over-the-top Catholic architecture and decoration and certainly is impressive. This is the view from below the centre of the dome looking upwards

St Stephen










 and these are some of the paintings around the base of the dome. 

Relicary Rib Charles IV













Having just attended a NADFAS lecture on Relics and Reliquaries,  St Stephens’ had two. Above is a reliquary containing the Rib of Saint Scholastica given to Charles IV in 1377 (he was an avid collector of relics)

Relicary St Stephen s Arm













and above is a relic containing part of the arm of St Stephen. 

Relicary St Stephen s Arm 001










this is a photograph of an old photograph of the relic

Relicary St Stephen s Arm 002










It is fairly hard to see even when you have paid the 200HUF to have someone turn on the relic’s lights. 

Fountains and Statues

One of the things which struck us as we were walking around Budapest was the number of fountains and statues which were everywhere. 

Statue 002










Statue 001










We came across two bronzes which were very realistic and seemed to be placed there simply to give people pleasure.

Statue Szaras Gabor Pest













 Others were dramatic  - this one outside of the Science Institute

Statue Lizst













Liszt  (piad for by the Rotary Club of Budapest)

Statue copy













This rather phallic looking fountain is said to actually have a Turkish Turban on the top and symbols of the Hapsbery Monarchies around its middle. 

Statue Art Deco













We liked this statue (or perhaps a relief if you are a purist) because it is clearly dated 1926 and shows the style of that period. 

Statue 2













This statue is dedicated to Gabor Sztehlo who was a Lutheran Pastor who saved around 2000 children and adults during the rule of the Fascist Arrow Cross Party which was very similar in nature to the Nazi Party and in existence during most of WWII.














and two statues rather symbolic of soviet style art

Statue 1













 and here two statues on a corner











 a fountain statue in front of the Concert Hall 

Statue 3













and a fountains statue with a real statue ! 

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