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Budapest Buildings Art Galleries and Markets

Buildings and Architecture

There are too many nice buildings in Budapest to be able to records them all (and there are a few horrible ones). In general, the centre of the city has a Hapsburg feel about it which is not surprising, given its history. we particularly liked:

Art Nouveau Philanthia Florists













The Philanthia Florists Shop

Bank Facade Mural










This building, now a bank on the corner of a street near St Stephen’s Basilica because it has a lovely mosaic on the corner.

Mosaic on wall of Merkantil Bank Jozsef Attila Utca Budapest Hungary













It is called Gyógyítás (Healing). A guardian angel is spreading his arms over a mother and her child to heal them and was designed by the same painter - Karoly - who painted the ceiling in the Budapest Opera House. 

Buda Mathias Church

This famous church is on Castle Hill in Buda

Building Horrid

and this building, simply because although it is horrible, it represents architecture from the Soviet Period.

Hungarian National Gallery

Buda National Gallery






Quite prominent on Castle Hill is the Hungarian National Gallery. It was quite easy to spend longer here than we had intended because there were many paintings which we liked very much. Photography is not allowed but I managed to get a couple of pictures

Beni and Noemi Ferenczy 1908










Here Beni and Noemi Ferenczy, two sisters painted by their father Karoly Ferencsy in 1908. We found this intriguing because the pullover of the elder sister did not look of the period and it had a much more modern feel about it than its date allowed.

Women Playing Cello Bereny













This painting is entitled “Women Playing Chello” by Bereny was painted in 1928 and is in fact, his wife. There is a wordy explanation of the painting here. I just liked it as a painting !

Main altar of Kisszeben c1500










A particularly good gallery is that devoted to Altar Pieces, above is the Main Altar of Kisszeban dating from around 1500. There are some remarkably old and beautiful works in this gallery and it was almost empty when we visited - a nice place to sit and contemplate the art.

There is a very good view of Pest from the balcony of the museum. 

Chain Bridge










One gets to see how large the Danube actually is here and in the picture above, there is the Chain Bridge and on the far left, the Parliament.

Museum of Fine Arts

At the end of the Yellow Metro line is the Museum of Fine Arts.

Museum Fine Arts










This gallery overlooks an enormous square

Square of Heroes










For a small fee (half price to elderly European Union Citizens), the Gallery allows you to see an enormous number of painting, some rather poor quality and too many of a very good quality. Photography is forbidden but I was allowed to take a picture of "The Sam Family” painted by Cuyp

Aelbert Cuyp  Portrait of the Sam Family










which I chose for Sam.

The Central Market

Roof Central Market













Whilst the Central Market is on every tourist’s itinerary,

Central Market Inside










Central Market Bread










 it is also a source of food (mainly meat and vegetables  

Central Market Spices










for many of those who live in the city. Prices were relatively cheap and the food looked fresh. On the gallery floor, there were many food stalls on one side of the floor selling mass produced constantly kept hot rather unappetising looking food for tourists. There are better choices elsewhere. 

By the end of our three days, we were quite exhausted and it was a relief to be back at the airport,











as the sun set, awaiting our flight back to the UK. Budapest was a lovely place to visit for a few days.


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