Monday, 9 June 2014

Another week in Meganisi

We travel frequently and rarely go back to somewhere unless there is something special about it. Soon the Hotel Meganisi will be the only place in the world we will have been to three times. You may assume we like it a lot. This time instead of going their via a Tour Operator, we have made our own arrangements - purchased flight tickets on the same plane as the tour operators used and booked directly with the Hotel - it saves us money and gives George more profit.

Gatwick Bus










And so, a bright Sunday morning finds us in the southern terminal car park at Gatwick airport awaiting a bus to the terminal as planes

Gatwick Plane













thunder overhead - car park C and the adjacent one are good places to see planes land (if that is what you like doing on a Sunday morning). Interesting, although we were flying from the North Terminal, long stay for the South Terminal was much cheaper and because the transfer between the two terminals is very easy and quick, we decided to save on parking costs and spend it in Greece. 

Check in was easy, the flight left on time

Flight Out







and arrived early, our bag was one of the first off the conveyor belt, the taxi driver was waiting and 40 minutes later we are at the quayside about to board our boat to Meganisi.

Map meganissi














Threatening Storm










as we did so, there was the most threatening storm approaching

Ferry Boat










and our boat was not particularly large

Boat Captain










but as the rain lashed down and lightning struck the sea around us, the fearless captain and his slightly less fearless passengers braved the sea crossing between Nidri and Meganisi.

Raining Hard










And soon despite the rain, we were being greeted as old friends and shaking hands with George

Big Beans










and then sitting down to our first Greek meal with Christina's famous Big Beans,

Greek Salad










Greek Salad,

Beer on arrival













more than one Cold Beer and much more.

View from Balcony










And in the morning the view from our balcony was unchanged and the few clouds in the sky soon disappeared.


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