Friday, 1 January 2016

Day 12 New Year's Day At Sea

This is the third of our days at sea - a welcome day after the long day and late night yesterday.

As on other "days at sea”, there is a full programme on offer including four lectures, three workshops, dance and a fitness classes, "an elegant afternoon tea”, music, opera and more. The lectures are also relayed to other lounges on the ship and show live on one of the ship’s TV channels and recorded and then played on a loop throughout the day. This is very much supportive of the discovery / learning theme of their cruises - you do not go on the Minerva for a quiet life.

Pat Swan Restaurant

We managed to attend a lot of it and also had a very nice dinner in the Swan Restaurant. As usual, all courses were beautifully presented (you could have five courses if you could manage it), and the same food is served in both restaurants.


Examples include this prawn and salmon first course,

Dinner 001

a Caesar Salad

Baked Alaska

a Baked Alaska


and a Soufflé which was

Souffle 001

completed at the table. The food on the Minerva is extremely good and it was very rare to have anything which was not of a very good quality.

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