Monday, 4 January 2016

Day 15 Home again

Our trip back the following day was not as bad as the trip out but for unknown reasons, Swan Hellenic decided we had to be at the airport five hours before the plane was scheduled to take off. It took off nearly two hours late so you can imagine that by the time we actually left, we were rather tired of the airport.

Return Route

The flight was relatively fast for the distance (and took only slightly longer than the time we had been waiting at the airport) although the plane was grubby, the in-flight entertainment useless and the food poor.

Our summary of this cruise (our first on a proper cruise ship) was that we could find little fault with the Minerva and its crew and would happily travel with them again. Swan Hellenic do however need to reconsider how they manage their travel arrangements for getting to and from the ship, these were of a very poor standard.

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