Friday, 3 February 2017

Spice Gardens Matale: Day 3/5

By now exhaustion had set in and so today we did only one of the three activities on offer, namely a visit to a Spice Garden in Matale whilst on our way to Kandy. 

Ranweli Sign

This is a small spice garden with a variety of plants on show 

Spice Shop

and a shop selling spices and Ayurvedic Medicine Products.

Obviously all plants are not going to be productive all of the year and hence we  


only saw a few, including the Aloe Vera (which we saw often last Christmas on a Caribbean island) 


and Cloves, which I was pleased to see because I learnt in my childhood to associate them with Sri Lanka.

Cloves on a tree

In theory I took a picture of them growing on a tree here but it was totally out of focus so I have borrowed one from Wikipedia.

Jackfruit Vanilla

Jackfruit and Vanilla (no pods growing when we were there) 

Pepper Piper Nigrum Pineapple

Pepper (never seen this before) and Pineapple 


 We were given a lecture on the various products

Ayurvedic Medicine Products

together with smellings 


and then an opportunity to purchase 

Spice Shop 001

as many as you could afford or felt was worthwhile. 

Mango Lassi 001

This photograph is purely here for self indulgence and shows somebody enjoying a mango lassi.

Grand Kandyan Hotel Clock

We stayed the night at at hotel in Kandy which had in its foyer, the gaudiest clock (about 5ft tall) we have ever seen anywhere in the world.

View from Hotel

This was the view from the hotel as the sun set

Kandy Town

and this was that in a different direction in the morning - Sri Lanka really is a very beautiful country. 

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