Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Coming Home: Day 6/5

Although Google Map route planning says the route we covered in Sri Lanka of over 900 kms could be

Sri Lanka Route

driven in 20 hours of non-stop driving, we very much doubt it. Sri Lanka has few major roads and hence drivers patiently proceed at a slow pace and it is better to arrive than try to arrive speedily. The only vehicles we saw driving very fast were the public buses and we were frequently overtaken by them in the most unlikely of sensible places.

The journey home from Colombo was easy, tiring, boring and long. We first flew from Colombo to Mumbai on a plane which would have made RyanAir seem spacious. Mumbai airport was very nice and a good place to change planes.

Coming Home Selfie

We forgot to take our usual very bad selfie on the way out so here is one taken on the way back at Mumbai when we were waiting for our plane to London.

Flight Home

We flew very slowly back (I base this statement on the fact that the BA flight leaves 15 minutes before but arrives 1 hour before us) but without incident.

And so, too long after we left our hotel in Sri Lanka, we were home again ready to resume our normal lives and prepare for our next trip.

Our summary view of Sri Lanka is that it is a very beautiful place with a lot to see. We would like to go back there sometime but take a bit more time over it.

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