Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Off to our first Safari holiday

Off to our First Safari holiday

We have never been on a proper Safari however that is about to change. 15 months ago we had the idea of going on a Safari in Africa and because this may be the only time we go on one, we wanted to ensure that it was a good experience. Following discussions with a travel agency which specialises in safaris (amongst other things), we took their advice to book then (2016) in order to gain early booking discounts and to get exactly the type of safari we wanted.

Firstly we are going to the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania (staying at the Selous Riverside Safari Camp) where we are told we might encounter many of the “must sees” with the certain exception of the rhinoceros. It is located in the southern part of Tanzania which means it is less visited than the popular reserves in the north.

Map tanzania selous 

A "less visited reserve" was one of our wishes because there are tales of more safari jeeps than animals in some of the northern reserves.

Tanzania Zanzibar map

After the safari, we are flying to the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar for a week’s R&R at the Breezes Resort on its south east coast - spa treatments for Pat and reef diving for me. Then we fly back from Zanzibar via a refuelling stop in Kilimanjaro to Doha where a change of planes will bring us back to London. 


And so a Tuesday evening in early September finds us on the train into London where we will get the tube to Heathrow having decided that the risk of trying to drive around the M25 during an evening rush hour is not something with which my blood pressure can cope.  

One thing which is still obvious is that my selfie-taking skills have not improved !

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