Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dive 13 – Abu Galawa Soraya at night

We arrived at dusk so this was a night dive around a couple of pinnacles close to the mooring point of the boat. We were offered the chance to fin to the wreck on the western side of the shoal but decided to save it for the morning dive.

Dive Plan Abu Galawa Soraya

It was a typically straight forward night dive

Coral encrusted rope

On the seabed we found a section of an old mooring rope gradually rotting but becoming encrusted with coral in the process

Fish hiding in the coral is one of the most common things we find at this site. Here a Parrot Fish is hiding in some Fire Coral

Fish Hiding 1

using the stingy nature of the fire coral to give it protection

Hiding Fish 

Fish Hiding 2

we disturb a much large fish which also makes a dash for some coral

Fish Hiding

There is also some conical coral of an unusual shape

Coral at Night-1

which has some shrimps living at the bottom of it whose

Eyes reflecting

eyes reflect our torch light

Eyes reflecting close up

A simple relatively interesting night dive.

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