Monday, 17 September 2012

Dive 14 – Abu Galawa Soraya

This was an early morning day dive firstly to the sailing boat wreck and then back to the area of the boat, and up

aa Fury Shoal

shallow to go through the canyon into the amphitheatre, out to the back to see the Nemos then back the same route through the amphitheatre to the boat.

Abu Galawa Soraya II

This is one of my favourite dive sites and I have not met anyone who thinks it is anything other than beautiful.

The wreck is that of a large sailing boat which foundered on the reef in the late 1990s. The skipper was eventually rescued and taken to the mainland but when he got back to his boat three days later to effect a salvage, he found that the local fishermen had been there before him and not much was left. Sometime during the following winter, the boat slipped of the reef and sank.

As you proceed around a coral pillar, you suddenly come

First view of the wreck

across the hull of the yacht. It is surprisingly large and must have been quite a luxurious boat at

The Wreck-1

the time. By now the wooden rear deck has rotted away


but the Toilet remains on the sea bed

The Toilet 

something which seems to have had no attraction to the looters.

The inside of the boat is always full of Glass

Glass Fish

Fish and when the light is right, they are clearly visible.

Mast Base

This is the base of one of the two masts – both were sawn off when the wreck was being stripped – they could have knocked out a holding pin and lifted the mast off but chose to saw them both.

Bow Chain-1

The original anchor chain hangs down, the anchor is long gone. There is coral

Coral on the stern

everywhere on the wreck and it will not be too many years before it is totally encrusted.

Coral everywhere

Having visited it a few time now, I can see growth changes over the past few years

The coral blocks are surrounded by clouds of


fish and it make for a lovely experience


to swim through them or just remain stationery


in a shoal and let the fish flit around you.

Coral Block

Some of the coral growths are works of art.

Blue Ray under table coral

A reasonably large Blue Spotted Ray

Blue Spotted Ray hiding

is hiding under a coral table


A guppy is still on a hard coral

Nemo Home


and the inevitable Nemos defend their home.


It is quite amusing to be challenged by such a small and cheeky looking fish.

Bat Fish

There are a number of Bat Fish in the area

Coral Plates near surface 

The hard corals go from close to the surface

Coral Block-2

down to the sea bed at about 20 metres

Coral Block-1

and are enormous.


and the surface structure of some types of hard coral has grown (over evolutionary time)

Hard Coral Surface

to be one which maximises the amount of surface area within a given space thus enabling it to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

Purple Coral

Smiling Coral

The hard corals have many large clams living


on them and it is always a pleasure to see them close as I swim over them.

I always enjoy this site – the currents are easy and the corals and fish are great.

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