Friday, 27 May 2011

Dive 11 – Kunaavashi House Reef – Felidhe Atoll

Kunaavashi House Reef Dive Plan

This was a night dive off a house reef but this time without bright lights from a jetty. It became a difficult dive when my dive torch failed (the seal seemed to fail and it let in water) and also when my buddy disappeared and I then had to join a different group, one of whom (towards the end of the dive) lent me their spare torch.

Never-the-less, it became a good long 60min dive with a great small squid plus a turtle and my flashing strobe was invaluable on the surface.

Turtle in Nest

Here is a turtle hiding in a cave / under a ridge.


It felt disturbed by our presence and headed out into the blue followed by torches for some distance.


There were the usual corals

Squid Illuminated

and a group of small squid

Squid 1

which appeared rather beautiful when illuminated from below.

Squid 2 

You could see them pulsate as they propelled themselves along.

This was a 60 minute dive, slightly taxing because my Buddy was not there when needed but it was easy to join up with another group – moral of the lesson: get a new Buddy and buy a second torch to take when night diving (although I did have my Strobe with me for use on the surface).

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