Saturday, 28 May 2011

Dive 15 – Vaadho Caves – South Male

Vaadhoo Caves Dive Plan

The dive plan requires a very rapid descent to 25 metres on the North West corner of the reef (strong current flowing left to right on the dive plan), then drift as long as air allows. The caves are in fact very deep overhangs which unfortunately are some distance apart and the second one is some distance into the dive and at 18 to 30 metres. Therefore careful air management is important because ascent from deeper than normal takes place at the end of the dive and safety stops are essential. Viz out in the blue is poor but around 25m on the wall.

The dive was unremarkable other than for the beauty of the corral and plant life.


Pretty coral growing in small clumps

Coral Outcrop

or large blocks out on the edge of the wall.


As usual, fish use the coral for protection

Fish in Coral

or hide

Fishes in Cave

in the caves

Hiding Fishes

In the caves themselves, the roofs are covered with soft

Coral hanging from roof

hanging life

Sponge on Cave Roof

of numerous

Coral Hanging from Roof-1

and beautiful colours.

Coral Hanging from Roof-2

The strong current ensures a constant supply of food and hence most life thrives.

Sea Slug

The omnipresent Sea Cucumber

Scavenger Sponge Colony

Scavenger Sponge on Fishing Line

Life will grow on most things, here a fishing line is colonized by Scavenger Sponges

Sponge on Coral

Sponges will also grow on Coral

Coral Plate

Coral Plates are very large – I could not fit this one into a single photo


More Black Coral

Stag Horn

Staghorn Coral (here slightly bleached)

Anenome with blue skirt Blue Skirt closeup

A Magnificent Sea Anemone (a well deserved name) with a beautiful blue skirt lifted by the current. It will sting if you touch it (so don’t).

This was an interesting dive, difficult viz at the start and much of it at depth. I came up with good air but had to buddy breath someone else who was low.

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