Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dive 5 – Medhu Faru – South Male

This dive was planned to be an easy drift dive at depths

Medhu Faru Dive Plan

from 30 m to 10 m starting in the north of the atoll (bottom of dive plan), drifting with the current southwards towards the open ocean (at the top of the dive plan). Upon reaching the tip of the atoll, the intention was to hook left out of the current and try to go up onto the atoll where sometimes Mantas are found.

In the event…….

A shallow negative descent to about 15m into a school of sharks (again!) – we were checked out by White Tips and

White Tip 

the occasional reef shark and then we came across a Turtle


grazing on the bottom, completely unconcerned at our presence

Turtle 2

even when quite close up

Turtle 3

or circling overhead

The current now picked up and we drifted south towards the ocean, passing numerous fish / corals along the way

Blue Finned Trigger Fish

numerous Red Toothed Trigger Fish


A Grouper

Blue Faced

a Blue Faced Angel Fish

 Honeycomb Moray

a Honeycomb Moray


An ordinary Moray (asleep)

Large Puffer Large Puffer 1    

A very large puffed up Puffer Fish

Potatoe Cod

a Potato Cod


a shoal of Angel Fish hiding under an overhang

Soft Coral

a rather nice sponge

Star Fish 

a Granulated Sea Star

Schooling Banner FIsh

and Schooling Banner Fish. When we got to the end of the atoll, we found that the current suddenly reversed with quite some strength and so we chose to drift back rather than fight it to get onto the top of the atoll – so no Manta Rays again! but a long (59 minute) easy dive with plenty of air left in the tank at the end.

The weather out to sea is apparently quite poor and it is said that the Dhoni has difficulties in bad weather so we are staying in this area overnight and will try to head south and west in the early morning.

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