Sunday, 29 May 2011

A final snorkel – Banana Reef

By this point in the day (early afternoon), my dive computer was showing a NoFly time slightly in excess of 22 hours and it was certain that a further dive would put me in the position of a flight in less than 24 hours but a NoFly time of 24 hours, so for me and a number of others, the last dive became a Snorkel. There was no point in breaking the rule, particularly after a week of intensive and sometimes challenging diving.

Banana Reef Snorkel Plan

Banana Reef is so called because it looks like a banana with a bite taken out of it (so we were told). It offered the

Trigger Fish

usual range of fish and coral plus an overhang.


It was unusual to see the coral and fish life from

Plate Coral 

above and this gave a new perspective on an atoll


and the varieties of coral which were


growing on it. Usually when diving we are much closer to it and the light is very much filtered by the depth of water above it.


Directly over the reef, the water was clear but as soon as you approached the edges, the viz started to deteriorate.

And so the day (and holiday) finishes with a decent snorkel, a Dhoni pickup out in the sea, a few more pictures for the file and a different perspective on atoll life.

The return flight the following day was very easy, smooth and on time. Male is a small airport with comparatively few flights and therefore queues were non existent. My SriLankan flight was only 1/3rd full and therefore there was space to spread out and relax. A good end to the week.

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