Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dive 6 – Vilivaru Giri – South Male

Vilivaru Giri Dive Plan

This Giri is about 50 m around the top (more underneath obviously) and is current swept on one side and sheltered on the other. It provides opportunities to see numerous fish and a couple of nice swim throughs. So this blog entry is full of photographs and not much else.

Lion Fish

White Lined Lion Fish

Moray with Cleaner Fish

A Moray being attended to by cleaner fish


Racoon Butterfly Fish

a Racoon Butterfly Fish

Numerous Antheas

Antheas living in coral


an Octopus hiding in a hole hoping for lunch to go by

Pipe Fish

in the centre of this photograph is the most minute Pipe Fish, click on the picture to expand it so you can try to find it.

Some sea life is very well camouflaged and adapts its colours to its surroundings

Spot the sea cucumber

Sea Cucumber 1

Spot the Sea Cucumber – this is carefully

Sea Cucumber 2

camouflaged to its surrounding

Sea Cucumber 3 Sea Cucumber Spotted

others are quite obvious such as

Sea Star

a healthy Sea Star

Thin Coral

healthy Thin Coral

Coral crop

and simply beautiful coral

Vagabond Sponge

and numerous Vagabond Sponges

White Stinging Sea Fern

Here is White Stinging Sea Fern with a Feather Star living in it.

Blue Finger Sponge on hard coral

and here is Blue Finger Sponge living on hard coral.

This is a great dive spot with dive times of over an hour quite easy to achieve.

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