Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dive 4 – Kandooma Thila South Male revisited

Dive Plan Kandooma Thila

Because we did not get to do any of the plan for this dive the previous day, 0545 am sees us getting up for the 0555 sunrise and a repeat attempt on the Thila.

This time is was a giant stride into the water about half-way up the left hand side of the Thila and we allowed the medium strength current to sweep us up towards the shark cleaning station.

Reef hooks were used to hang down low behind a coral rise near the station (24 metres depth) and once the sharks had got used to our presence a few came back towards us through the murky water. Close to deco


time, we ascended over the Thila, past a Leaf Fish

 Leaf Fish

and a large sea turtle some distance away and eventually back for breakfast. An ok dive but visibility was poor due to the lack of sunlight and plankton.

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