Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dive 8 – Miyaria Kandu Felidhe Atoll

Miyaria Kandu Dive Plan

There are three dive plans for this site depending upon the current direction and strength – the first plan if the current is flowing out (bottom to top of plan) is to enter the water at the northern end (bottom left of plan) and head towards the reef face at 24 metres where there are often sharks – hook on because the current will be mild to medium and in an updraft due to the reef face and watch the action, then fin across the current to the east before drifting over the atoll for a safety stop and surface

or if the current is flowing in then start in the east and drift inwards trying to cross the current to the reef wall

or see Mantas first if there are any in the shallow area and then decide on which of the other plans to follow.

In the event, there are no mantas, the visibility is very poor, and the current is strong and flowing out so it is plan one.

Grey Reef Shark - Juvenile

There are plenty of sharks – here a juvenile Grey Reef Shark which we surprised,

White Tip

and out in the murk are quite a few White Tips. Because the current is very strong, shoals of fish including a large one of Jacks are swimming to keep still and awaiting food to be brought to them.



Shoal hanging in current

And because the waters are nutrient rich, corals

Asparagus Coral 

and other life are very healthy in the shallower waters


where sunlight levels are good.

This was a hard dive with strong cross currents requiring considerable fining at depth and hence resulting in relatively high air consumption. My group saw more fish than others, particularly the group that crossed the channel to the west to try to get away from the current who reported little of interest.

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