Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dive 2 – Kuda Giri Wreck – South Male

Kuda Giri Wreck is a deliberate wreck just off a small atoll. Since the ship was sunk it has become covered with coral and is also the home to numerous types of fish. The Atoll has a number of caves and swim throughs and is home to some Black Coral (which of course Kiwis would have you believe only grows in around New Zealand).

Kuda Giri Wreck Dive Plan

The plan is to exit the Dhoni above the wreck, explore the wreck and then fin left (reef on right shoulder) rising up to 15 m, explore the overhangs and swim throughs before surfacing at around 50 bar.

The wreck has significant hard and soft coral growth on it

Wreck Appears

and appears as soon as you are in the water

Diving over the bow

The coral is very pretty


and well established

Soft Corals 2

Hard Coral

and also the home to numerous fish such as

Trigger Fish

these Banner Fish

The caves inside the overhangs are home to Black Coral

Black Coral 1 

which actually is white

Black Coral 2 

and the reef wall has a number of thriving Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber 1

which are well camouflaged as in the picture above

Sea Cucumber 2

or obvious as in the picture above and following Sea Cucumber Mouth

Crops of beautiful coral abound

Soft Corals 1 

Soft Corals 4

some are very delicate such as

Soft Corals 3

this Curve-branched Hydroid

Soft Corals 4-1

here we have White Stinging Sea Fern

Soft Corals 5

and some sponges are just perfect.

By the end of the dive, the weather has changed – the view of the island has changed from that before the dive

Island in Sun


Island in rain

The only differences the rain makes is that when there is heavy rain, less sunlight gets into the water and visibility on the surface is reduced – the can become an issue if you are drift diving and expecting to be spotted and picked up at the end of the dive. Hence flashing beacons and SMB usage becomes important for afternoon dives when heavy rain seems to be the norm.

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